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Especially For First Time Property Buyers & Existing Home Owners...

Safely & Comfortably Achieve Your Property Goals in a Short Period of Time

So You Can Avoid Financial Hardship In The Future

"We were looking to move near our parents after reaching the minimum occupation period of our BTO. We wanted to explore our options and find out about asset progression..."

Azhar’s & Fiszah’s Property Goals: Asset Progression

How I Helped Clients

"As we have school-going children, we wanted to find a convenient and amenity-friendly property for our family..."

Faiz's & Mirza's Property Goals: To Provide A Comfortable Life For Family

"As we are approaching our retirement age, we were looking to downgrade so that we can live more comfortably as we grow older... "

Hafiz's & Mirah's Property Goals: To Retire Comfortably

"We didn't want to wait for a BTO after we got married. So we were looking for the perfect first home which is also affordable for us as a young couple... "

Habib's & Nabilah's Property Goals: To Get An Affordable First Home

Clients’ Reviews

Real Estate Dad SG - Andik Imran - Clients
Aide Nur
Aide Nur
26. December, 2022.
Very efficient, explained every details from the start. Guide through the whole process and reliable. 👍🏻👍🏻
dahlia ismail
dahlia ismail
1. November, 2022.
Being a first-timer in selling/purchasing resale HDB units, I was overwhelmed by the rapid market changes, transaction processes, etc. I am fortunate to find Andik on Facebook. He is knowledgeable of the current Singapore property market. Andik is an excellent listener, and well-mannered, and his explanations are easily understood.
Wanzbon Bon
Wanzbon Bon
16. September, 2022.
Salam Andik allahamdulilah everything went smoothly Being soft-spoken and patient he explain everything in details even tho i have many queries and he handle in a professionalism and with family oriented way that we feel secure with him handling things. Feel blessed even tho we have many obstacle by the other parties but he manage to help and solve the issues in his own way kind, respect, professional and patient. He is a humble guy and he will look for solution and go the extra mile to help and solve in a smooth ways. Keep up your good hard work and wish you success! Thank you so much Andik for your great service and care! 🙂 Stay cheerful and keep smiling always 🙂
Nurul Ashikin
Nurul Ashikin
15. September, 2022.
An approachable and pleasant agent who tries his best to explain matters that i am unsure of.
Diana Nashar
Diana Nashar
10. May, 2022.
We would like to share our wonderful journey with Andik Imran. Andik is very responsive 24/7 and for every question raised and answers them is a simple, understandable term. The estimated timeline was accurate and the estimated breakdown calculation for the selling and buying was with an additional buffer which we didn’t expect . He understands our budget limit for purchasing and did an excellent negotiation to ensure there wasn’t any additional COV required. Listens, Observes, Understand and Looks beyond to ensure he covers all concerns we had (some of which were not pointed out). He alleviated all of our stress and concern by knowing when to chime in with valuable information and providing us with insightful inputs that are important in our decision-making. To Andik, with zero regrets. THANK YOU for literally walking with us with every step of our journey. It was a wonderful start to the whole transaction with a wonderful end.
Eve Tan
Eve Tan
14. April, 2022.
He is very thoughtful and confidence. He helped us to negotiate a good deal, that we gets a 3 months extension from the buyer, and we also gets to pay 2k to our seller as we are doing contra. During the viewing, he actually knows who is the potential buyer as he eliminate the unreal buyer from coming for a view of our house at odd hours. During one of the negotiation, he actually prevent us from making a mistake, as we will rushing into a deal. But he convinced us by saying there is no need to go low on the price, because the viewer is on a hit and run tricks. Because one of a lady viewer asked for a 30k discount with no extension, as she claim she is a tutor and can give our daughter a better results if we take her offer. Thank you for the smooth and swift transaction, as our case are not the normal buy and sell case, so before the option to sell and buy and third hdb loan, we went through a long and painstaking letter writing to a lot of hdb officer at different departments. Initially, we had our own agent but non of them wanted to take our case. But Mr Andik happily approach our case with a gentle touch giving us the legitimate rightful advice to access our case, in the end it was 100% successful and we wish to thank him 200%.
Muddy Xr
Muddy Xr
24. March, 2022.
What makes Andik special is that he makes my family and I feel safe. He is fast, responsive and efficient. Even with many questions directed at him, he promptly answered with patience and sincerity. He managed to explain in layman term which helped us understand processes easier. We were always given guidance on what to expect and prepare for each step. Valuable information and insightful inputs offered by him enable us to make key decision. He was prepared to provide comparative market analysis to estimate properties' value and achieved above target valuation under best term for buyer and seller within less than a month. He was able to determine our needs and financial abilities to propose solutions that suit us. Andik's calm and collected nature made communication easier. We never feel tense during the whole process. He was recommended to us and with no hesitation that we would recommend his service to others.
Mazlan Md Khalid
Mazlan Md Khalid
18. February, 2022.
Thanks Andik Imran for a comprehensive but yet concise explanation to all our questions on the property that we have. We are enlightened and now are more well informed to make a better decision. Warmest Regards!

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At whichever stage you are in your property journey, you need to start planning. Once you start planning, you are one step closer to your property goals. What stage are you currently in? Is anyone guiding you to do the correct things for the stage you are in? Work with someone whom you can trust, who understands your needs and wants and, more importantly, has the competency. Feel free to contact me. Together we will achieve your aspirations.

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