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About Andik

I am a dad.

A dad is not just about putting food on the table. We put our family first before others. Home is where it all begins. Being a dad is like running a business – you are concerned about your people and how your decision will affect them. And in every business, planning is the most important bit.

With a degree in business, I understand finances. You have to build more equity so that you can build a comfortable life for your wife and kids. Let me help you choose the right property through a responsible and educational approach.

I have started investing since more than a decade ago. Today, I am proud to have a diversified, profitable and most importantly safe portfolio.

Investing is never about short term gains. It is about having far-sighted vision while remaining grounded in our current situation. Just like when purchasing a house.

I am a cautious investor because I know that any financial decision I make will have a direct impact on my family. As a responsible friend, you can trust that I, too, will be protective of yours.

I will help you make responsible, smart and profitable decisions.

Your plan can be 5, 10 or even 25 years from now. But rest assure that I am here for you today until you are ready to put your plan into action.

Home is the starting place of love, hope and dreams. Make it the right one for you and your family.

I am Andik, your real estate partner and Singapore’s Real Estate Dad.

Contact me today!

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  • Ended last presentation at 10pm today. Secure 3 potential buyers for viewing and all of them are in love with the sea breeze from ECP. Waiting for the best offer from one of them. ❤
Best of all, managed to squeeze some family and training time.
All good in the hood!!!
  • Punggol Dynamic duo!! 🤭😝 Next stop, Mandarin Gardens!! #realestatedadsg
  • Managed to snap some good deals in JB yesterday.
Much needed to get a malay novel to "add" more drama in my fantasy love life.

#barangpanas #gooddeals
  • My 8 hour-no -handphone challenge failed today.
Intended to spend a whole day of with wifey today without any disturbance from the handphone.. purposely set a date at JB and without any roaming data. 
Once I set foot at Toppen Shopping Mall, the free wifi was too much of a temptation. 
Turn on the wifi and 2 viewers were requesting to view the unit at 2C Geylang Serai today. 
Quickly excuse myself to the toilet from ma'am and arranged the meeting later in the evening. After that, switched off my hp before temptation hits again.. Sorry dear if u r reading this😝

#bohongsunat #realestatedadsg #dating