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How Not To Worry About Money

I believe all of us have stressed about money before. Because of this stress, we will be angry with our love ones. Matter of a fact, a lot of divorces ended because of money problem. I'm going to share with you how to stop worrying

Why people fail to save money

No one wants to be a liability to their children. Everyone knows the importance of retirement planning, but why are people not taking steps towards financial freedom? First of all, people, in general, prefer instant gratification. No one wants to WAIT for their stuff if
Andik Imran – Real Estate Dad

Emergency fund: It will save you tons of problems

I am very fortunate to have put some money aside for my emergency fund. Both me and my wife agreed to put some money aside for emergencies just after we got married. Years went by, slowly our emergency funds grew. At times, I grumbled to myself
Bank loan vs HDB loan-Andik Imran-Real Estate Dad

Bank loan vs HDB loan: Which is the better option?

For most of us, it is impossible to buy our homes without a loan. Housing loan is considered one of the safest loan for lenders. Hence, the interest rates are relatively lower as compared to other loans such as a motor vehicle loan. For Singaporeans,

Newbie guide to buying your first HDB home

This post is dedicated to my two friends who are getting married and planning to get their first matrimonial home this year. So how does one begin to buy a property without prior experience or the skills needed to ensure a smooth property transaction? We