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Real Estate Dad - Are HDBs getting more expensive?

Are HDBs getting more and more expensive?

The straight answer is yes, and no. It may be an unpopular opinion, but whether the flat you buy is expensive or not, it's because of the choice YOU make. "Tampines BTO now $500,000?! How to afford?" "Resale flats in Duxton for $1,000,000?! Siao!" "I
Real Estate Dad - Andik Imran - Renovating Home Investment

Is renovating my home a good investment?

Many of you may be wondering if you should renovate your house if you are planning to sell it when it reaches the minimum occupation period (MOP) of 5 years. While renovated houses tend to fetch a higher selling price, some features in the house
Real Estate Dad - Andik Imran - Buyers Agent Worth It

Is a buyers’ agent really worth it?

Not too long ago, I met up with a couple. They had sold their house and was ready to buy a new place. The conversation went somewhat like this: Couple: We have been looking for a house for the past one year. We have been
LAPD method - Andik Imran - Real Estate Dad SG

Don’t buy a property without knowing this first

Today, I'm sharing one of the methods I use to help my clients find value-for-price properties. I designed this method so that we can make better decisions by removing the emotional equation. By using my LAPD method, you can make the final decision based on
HDB Resale Market Watch Sep 2020

A sellers’ market in Phase 2: Hooray??

It is no secret that today's property market favours the seller. It has always been a buyers' market for the past years. However, the announcement of new favourable housing grants makes resale flats more affordable to newlyweds. It could also be due to the effect
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