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Exclusive Agent Agreement

Exclusive or Non-exclusive: That’s the question

What is CEA Form 5? This is a consent form to indicate your agreement with the agent to sell your property EXCLUSIVELY. An industry standard, such exclusivity agreements, are valid for up to three months. In an event where you or another agent manage to
Easy passive income ideas and plans

Building passive income in Singapore

We love the idea of being a landlord and collecting rent, which result in many people renting properties as passive income in Singapore. As a property agent, I have been asked many questions like this before: “What is the best property investment?”, or more “sophisticated”
Buying a property in Singapore at 35 years old

Buying a property in Singapore at 35

If you just turned 35, congratulations on reaching yet another milestone which will create amazing new opportunities such as buying your first property in Singapore! At this prime age, you will be able to buy a HDB under the Singles Scheme. However, before you start
What is your motivation to sell your HDB?

What is your motivation to sell your HDB?

After the minimum occupation period, many HDB owners are compelled to sell their properties. Many would ask me whether they should sell their property or not. Usually, I get dumbstruck by that question. Imagine going to a car showroom and asking the salesman whether you
How to make your home more sellable?

How to make your home more sellable?

From the thousands of properties I view each month, I instinctively know which property will be sold easily. You can hire the best agent in the world (ehem.. me) but ultimately it will be up to you to make the house as welcoming and inviting
What is Progressive Payment?

What is progressive payment?

Progressive payment scheme is when you have the option of paying for your new home progressively in stages, rather than all at once. This payment feature attract more buyers to buy uncompleted properties or properties under construction. Many home/property buyers are hesitant to buy properties