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Circuit Breaker: Disappointed, frustrated, but unfazed

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This victory was quite a win for our clients.

We were marketing this unit just before the circuit breaker was announced. For those 4 months, we spared no efforts in the marketing and updated each other weekly on every lead that we had. Week after week, there were requests for virtual viewings. However, many wanted to make an offer only after the circuit breaker.

Then, there was one.

After following up closely with every lead we had, a couple wanted to make an offer. The sellers were naturally surprised and yet so happy with the news.

However, the couple said they had to wait a week to place the deposit. I told them usual practice was to place a deposit immediately as there were still offers being made. But the sellers were quite nice and trusting and told us that they can wait.

I informed the “buyers” that the sellers agreed to wait and had placed trust in their words.

Meanwhile, we prepared the paperwork. We stopped all advertisements that we had done throughout the 4 months and called all the potential buyers to thank them for their time and told them the unit was “sold”. Many were surprised how we managed close a deal during a circuit breaker.

When the day came to sign the documents, the “buyers” didn’t turn up. We tried contacting them but they were unreachable. Only after a few hours later, I got a reply saying, “Sorry, we are not coming”

I was like WHAT?

If this deal is just about me, I can simply brush it off. But I was more concerned for the elated sellers. To tell them the bad news was heartwrenching. They were looking forward to upgrading to a bigger home as their children needed their own rooms.

Disappointed, I had to put on my running shoes to clear my negative thoughts.

I went back to my work desk, hid my frustration and contacted all the potential buyers and told them the “good” news. But they weren’t as excited as they were before. No offer from them. So we had to start from scratch again.

Two weeks later and another $8XX poorer (from marketing efforts), WE DID IT!!

From this, I learnt that we cannot waste time, thinking of things that are beyond our control. Instead, we should focus on things we CAN control. Even though we had to spend more time and money on a new deal, nothing beats the happy faces from the clients and their children upon hearing the news.

Home Sale During Circuit Breaker – Andik Imran – Real Estate Dad
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