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How capable are new property agents?

For many of us, our property is one of our biggest investments.

Picking the right property consultant for your property is one of the essential parts of the whole transaction. Picking the “right” one is not simply picking “the best”, “the area-specialist” or even “the company director”. One should evaluate as rationally as possible when picking a property consultant to act for you.

For today’s topic, I’m going to share the pros of picking a new consultant.

New property consultants are perceived as lacking in experience, unknowledgeable and have a tendency to make mistakes. However, this shouldn’t be the case as you will find out below.

More new consultants are academically educated

Gone are the days, where wannabe consultants simply join any real estate agency and they can start on the same day.

Many new consultants today are university graduates. On top of that, CEA (Council of Estate Agent) has made it compulsory for all new consultants to pass their real estate exam first (trust me, it was not so easy). You can rest assure that we are able to understand the property jargons and will be able to explain to you correctly and accurately.

New consultants are guided by company and mentors

Ultimately, one should look at the company as one of the criterias to choosing a property agent. Propnex is currently the largest real estate agency in Singapore. It is also listed in SGX(SGX:OYY). Thus, they are the name to trust.

For many new consultants who hopes to be successful in their new job, they usually belong to a team. As the saying goes, if you want to run fast, run alone. If you want to run further, run together.

Consultants in a team, are guided by their mentors who have been in the real estate business for quite some time. Good mentors will have reduced their time in performing property transactions and focus more in building a team of competent consultants. The mentor is always a phone call away when the consultant faces a unique situation with their client.

New consultants have lesser listings

And it is a good thing. They have more time on hand for you. This is an important aspect of the whole transaction.

As mentioned earlier, your property is one of, if not the biggest, investment you will ever make. Hence, one should get a consultant who is readily available to help. Seasoned agents might not be able to give their full attention to you as they have many other clients to help and their time is very limited.

Consultants who are new are more likely to show their willingness to impress. Remember, when it was your first few months at your job, or during the probationary period, all of us were so eager to show the boss that we are good at what we do. Same goes for the new agent. You are the boss. It is you they want to impress. They will have more ideas and more drive to market your property, and in giving property advice.

One should not choose a property consultant by just randomly picking him or her from an ad or even by referral. One should start putting their Human Resource (HR) Manager hat and be selective of which agents to choose. Try to interview at least 3 consultants first before you make your decision. Then choose the one that you can connect with. Not the one with the fancy car or branded clothes. This is the first and important step in every property transaction.

Ready to choose a consultant to help you? Feel free to contact me to set up an appointment.

Andik Imran

Engage an agent who serves, not sells

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