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How to make your home more sellable?

From the thousands of properties I view each month, I instinctively know which property will be sold easily. You can hire the best agent in the world (ehem.. me) but ultimately it will be up to you to make the house as welcoming and inviting as possible.

Here are 9 tips to make your property more sellable:

Avoid Clutter

Clutter is not a good selling point for a home. Homes have a tendency to fill up over time. Excessive clutter makes a home look dirty and small. You should consider getting a storage unit for your stuff until the sale is complete and you have moved into your new home. Buyers want space in all areas of the home. If possible, even the store/bomb shelter should be clear.

Making your home feel more spacious can do wonders. Putting unnecessary possessions in a storage facility can really make your home feel so much different to a buyer who is looking for an open and spacious plan.

A cluttered house is visually not appealing and stays on the market longer. The longer the house stays on the market, the more likely it will sell at a lower price.

Keep your exterior neat

Before a potential buyer walks into your unit, the frontage of your unit also has to be kept clean and tidy. The frontage of the unit will form an image in the potential buyer’s mind whether the unit is well-maintained or not. Place the shoes neatly and dust off the shoe racks. If you have potted plants outside your house, they should be arranged neatly to show the space outside the house.


Pull back the curtains to allow natural light to come into the house. Switch on the lights when there are potential buyers coming into the house. This will make the interior look more spacious and welcoming.

Fresh paint

Having a fresh coat of paint on the wall is a good investment as well. It makes the interior look clean and beautiful. Go for natural colours like white or beige. Avoid extreme/bold colours like dark red or black.

Do minor repairs

The more polish you can put on your home through minor repairs, the more appealing it will be. One of the best things you can do is walk around each room in your home looking at all the imperfections. You might think that the repair is unnecessary but it will put off a potential buyer if they manage to spot the fault.

Keep your interior clean

Do home cleaning at least once a week, on a Friday or Saturday morning. There is a tendency for more home viewings on the weekends. Potential buyers love a clean and uncluttered place. It shows them that the property is well-maintained.

Give potential buyers privacy

This would be a HUGE plus point if you can give the potential buyers privacy to spend more time at the property you are selling. We need them to feel at home in the property. Having you or your family in the house makes the situation very awkward for both you and the buyers. Work with a trusted agent who will take care of your property while you go downstairs to have a coffee. The more time the buyers spend at your house, the closer you will get in closing the deal.

Home Staging

Home staging helps to spruce up a home, making it look more desirable to potential buyers. Home staging refers to transforming your property to fit the right audience. Home staging is great if you have an empty house and you want a stand out from your competitors (neighbours). The cost of home staging, in general, will outweigh the benefits. Many experts found that homes that have been home staged generally sell faster and fetch a slightly higher price.

Work with your trusted agent

Always work together with your trusted agent. He/she is there to market the property as best as possible. If the product (property) is not appealing, there is so much that an agent can do.

If you have any other questions or queries, I’m just a phone call away.

Find an agent who serves, not sells.

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Engage an agent who serves, not sells

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