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News articles made wrong prediction on the economy; nothing new

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2 weeks ago, many news reports were telling their readers that property prices in China will continue to slum for months to come. Now, their property sales volume have tripled instead.

Property prices amid Covid-19

Time and time again it has shown us that when during a crisis, prices will go down. And when everything is back to normal, prices will go back to once it was before. Warren Buffet quoted ,“ Be greedy when people are fearful, and be fearful when people are greedy.”

China was quick and took drastic measures to stamp out the epidemic. Closing borders, closing schools and stopped their people from going out. It was draconian and such measures were not heard of in modern times. But because of their ability to deploy and execute such measure with swift speed, now they are beginning enjoying their peace again.

We were also quick to deploy measures. Our actions collectively as a nation was commendable. WHO was ‘very impressed’ with our COVID-19 response. Other countries are following the ‘tiny red dot’ lead in this fight.

Today, China’s economy is picking up. I believe that Singapore’s economy will pick up too very soon. Because many of us too want things to be back where they were before. This ordeal has shown the world what Singapore can do and how resilient our economy is. Foreigners investors will be looking at us again as a safe haven.

Soon, this virus will also go away.

But opportunities like these will not come again.. We have a bull run for the past decade. Stock prices have plummeted. Property prices have either dropped or have come to a standstill.

My friends, prices will not stay this low forever.
Many things in the market are going at a discount.
Take action today. Be greedy!

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