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Possible to avoid non-occupier tax rate by decoupling?


Can a married couple own 2 properties separately, pay 2 owner-occupier rates separately?


Many of us want to find a way to avoid paying taxes. The more we save on taxes, the more we can be able to use the monies to better use.

You (as an individual or a married couple) must own and reside in the residential property to qualify for owner-occupier tax rates.

However, for a married couple that owns 2 residential properties, the concession can only be applied to 1 property.

Even if a married couple were to occupy two properties, the owner-occupier tax rates can only apply to one of the properties. This is regardless of whether it is owned jointly or separately by the spouses.

A married couple can’t avoid the non-occupier tax rate by owning 2 properties separately.¬†This means that you can only enjoy one concessionary rate,¬† regardless of the matter of holding.

Even if one of them is vacant and not tenanted, the property will be taxed at a non-occupier tax rate. You can only apply the owner-occupier rate to one of the properties.


If you are planning to buy another property by decoupling take note of property taxes applicable. Alternatively, you can speak to me and arrange an appointment, so that I can assist you on your property journey. I will be more than happy to help.

To learn more about your applicable property tax rate, just click the link.

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